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Artist’s Resources

Here are a bunch of useful resources from around the net. If you have your own link collection that may be useful, please feel free to add them under comments.

General Reference

Art Morgue

A fantastic reference for artists. Features everything from clothing, anatomy, vehicles, architecture and much much more.

Sublink: Anatomy reference at the Art Morgue reference Threads the premier website for concept artists has a huge reference guide via it’s forums. This member contributed resource is massive and awesome. Covers anatomy, vehicles, character design and much more.

Human Anatomy Reference

Another great reference, though much of it is paid, commercial content. Still, if you don’t got the honey, there’s still the free samples pages you can mooch off of.

A resource primarily for human anatomy reference.  Don’t miss the Andrew Loomis anatomy books.

Pose Space

A huge collection of human body reference shots. A lot of it is nude photography so if you’re in a public space put on a beret.

Skeleton Animation

An unrealistic, but useful animation of a skeleton running. Useful to understand the structure of the human skeleton. The link leads directly to the mpeg file.

FARP – The Hand Resource

The Fantasy Art resource project at Elfwood has this useful hand reference guide. Loads of pictures of hands from various views. Especially useful because the hand is one of the toughest to draw from memory.

Life Drawing By Katherine Tyrrell

Katherine’s blog teaches life dfrawing sketches. A very useful resource, especially in learning to model the human body through speed sketching.


You could be forgiven for thinking this is a soft-porn site. Domai has been collecting pictures of beautiful women for years, and all of them with not a stitch of clothing to share. A great resource for learning to draw the female nude.

I originally found Domai on this thread which has some other great resources too.

Other Useful Reference

Character Design

This is a resource dedicated to character designers. If you enjoy creating the un-dead, gargoyles, seadragons, orcs or politicians, then you need to see this site.

Flowers and Gardens

A reference resource of flowers, plants, gardens and the creatures that inhabit them. A really nice resource for those that study nature.

Drawing Trees at Squidoo

A beautiful compilation of tree drawing information over at Squidoo.s A visual treat.

Schliffkopf on Nature

Schliffkopf’s collection of nature sketches. His sketchbooks are fascinating and this is a hugely inspiring collection. A must for every sketch nut that loves studying nature.

Ask Maurice

An all round artist’s resource, Maurice teaches you everything you need to know to start painting. The tools, techniques and even skills such as composition, lighting and stylisation.

Art Material Reference

A useful resource section at Windsor and Newton that explains the properties and techniques of working with various media such as watercolours, oils, gouache and pastels.

Helsinki Looks – A photo archive of street fashion from the streets of Helsinki. Very interesting and useful resource.

Great Artist’s Reference

Guide to Great Artists

A massive reference resources to great artists and their work. Provides insightful and useful information to artist’s, their techniques and the personal and social contexts to their work.

Sargent Collection

John Singer features an amazing collection of Sargent’s works. Dedicated exclusively to this amazing man, it features a massive collection of his work.

Artist Sketchbooks

John Constable Sketchbooks

A massive collection of the venerable english landscape artist. A fantastic resource for those who enjoy drawing from nature.

Artist’s Sketchbooks

A fascinating guide to the inside of the artist’s head. Features some truly visionary artists.

Undercover Artist’s Sketchbooks

Features the sketchbooks of 10 great artists including John Singer Sargent and Benjamin Champney

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  1. balaji said, on May 31, 2010 at 2:34 am

    hi.. im following u in facebook.. i ve an interest to draw.. i ve to learn the process properly.. i live in pondicherry… can u help me

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