Pencil Jam

We Draws for a Cause.

Posted in Drawing Nature, Drawing-Seeing, events, Sketch Club, Sketchbooks by crabbits on June 14, 2010

Saturday before last, we found ourselves bright and early (at 9:3o am, haha!) on the shores of the mind bogglingly HUGE Bellandur lake. Remember, it was World Environment day then? We had our eyes open and our sketchbooks out (wands at the ready!) We found HSBC employees on a tree-plantathon, here.

Pencil Jam May 9

Posted in Drawing Nature, Sketch Club by George Supreeth on May 9, 2010

This week’s Pencil Jam was focused on studying nature. Our group met at the canteen behind Venkatappa Art Gallery, discussed drawing techniques, and each one picked their own subjects.


An Approach to Drawing Nature

Posted in Drawing Nature, Sketch Club by George Supreeth on May 6, 2010

In our past Pencil Jams we covered architecture, speed drawing people and sketching sculpture. This week we will be focusing on drawing nature. We will be using the humble pencil, the most basic drawing tool, also one of the most versatile.

Drawing nature can be a beautiful and often humbling experience. When you settle down to draw a tree, and when you actually get down to studying it’s structure, a tree can simply be awe inspiring. This is why flora are among the most difficult subjects to draw.

Consider the structure of a tree.