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The sketchbook is personal again (?) Or, some more thoughts on sketchbooks.

Posted in Great Artists, meditation, Sketchbooks by crabbits on June 10, 2010

I’m picking up where George left off in his last post.

Danny Gregory, compulsive drawer and constant observer, compiled this book called “An Illustrated Life“, which found its way to my desk one day. It’s a book compiled by one sketchbook-er about other sketchbook-ers to other aspiring or actual sketchbook-ers. Gregory’s artists talk about their sketchbooks and sketchbook-keeping habits and tendencies, and show you selected pages of their books that you can drool and leave puddles over. It is a beautiful book, it is so because of the myriad of disconnected, but colourful thoughts, ideas and images you see in it.


Pencil Jam Assignment – Draw like Degas

Posted in events, Great Artists, Sketch Club by George Supreeth on May 27, 2010

So! you couldn’t wait for the weekend to draw, huh?. Well, good for you! Here’s our first Pencil Jam assignment and it’s on gesture drawing. Our teacher will be the legendary Edgar Degas.

However, before we get into the assignment, i’m going to first just explain what’s going on here.

Why an assignment.

Drawing is sublime yes, but more importantly drawing is fun, especially when you’re drawing as a part of a group. Our Pencil Jams happen just once a week (every weekend) and that’s perhaps not enough for most of us. We’re drawing fiends!

This is why we’re having Pencil Jam assignments. The assignments are a way to learn about the nuances of drawing. The more experienced artists among us will provide critique and feedback and you can slowly build your foundations in art.

About the Ning site

What?? As if facebook weren’t enough, I’ve gone and set up another social networking site?? Um… yeah. The Pencil Sauce facebook page was set up to promote my fledgling studio. Pencil Jam was something we set up for community learning. However of late Pencil Jam’s activities have started drowning out our studio and our illustration work on the facebook page. Using the Ning site will help us not only shift the sketch club activity out separately, it also ensures that the data and knowledge that’s collected because of this activity is accessible to other’s interested in drawing.

The site is public for anyone to view. However to participate in the assignments you will have to register with your email ID. This is to block spam. But’s it takes like 5 seconds!

So that’s that! Now onto our first sketch assignment!